1. Ben B. Cheney Foundation Withdraws Application

    The Ben B. Cheney Foundation has withdrawn its application for a development agreement for the One Harbor Point project. No additional City review or processing will occur on this application. This project page will be deactivated in 30 days.
  2. No New Action Taken By Applicant

    Since the conclusion of heron study, the applicant has not yet scheduled the required Planning-Building Committee meeting.
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The Ben B. Cheney Foundation and Neil Walter Company are proposing a Development Agreement (D.A.) per the provisions of the Gig Harbor Municipal Code (GHMC) to allow the One Harbor Point residential development at the intersection of Harborview and Soundview Drives in Gig Harbor, Washington. Based on public input received at the May 24, 2017 open house held on the proposal, the applicant has revised its D.A. to eliminate the originally proposed Green Turtle site from the proposal, has reduced the number of dwelling units proposed for the upland  triangular-shaped parcel from the originally proposed 35 dwelling units located in 10 buildings to 29 dwelling units in 10 buildings, and has eliminated the third-story from each of the originally proposed three-story townhouse structures.

The applicant proposes to donate the Boat Barn parcel and building and its associated marina to the city as a public benefit pursuant to the  requirements of the City’s D.A. process and also requests deviations in  allowed uses, maximum density, maximum height, minimum setbacks, and other zoning, landscaping and design requirements.

Development Agreement Process

The development agreement process is called-out in GHMC Chapter 19.08 and consists of the following general steps:

  1. Development agreement application submitted to Planning Department
  2. Internal initial review by City staff and City Attorney
  3. Public meeting on initiation of the application with City Council. Public notice of this meetings will occur. A majority of the whole council (4 members) must approve further processing of the agreement via a motion. If four votes are not obtained, the application is no longer processed and is returned to the applicant.
  4. If the Council approves further review, the application is forwarded to the Planning and Building Committee for their recommendation.
  5. Before the Committee reviews the development agreement, staff does a comprehensive  review of the agreement, including traffic, critical area, design review, and SEPA.
  6. The Committee holds public meeting(s) to review the development agreement. Public notice of these meetings will occur.
  7. The Committee forwards a recommendation to the Council on the development agreement.
  8. City Council holds two public hearings on the development agreement. Public notice of these hearings will occur.
  9. A majority plus one of the whole Council (5 members) must approve the development agreement if use, density, or height deviations are requested.

Application Materials

Revised Materials June 15th, 2017

Book One Development Agreement (PDF)           

  • Application                                                                   
  • Development Agreement                                                                       
  • SEPA Checklist

Book Two Development Agreement (PDF)

  • Environmental Assessment                    
  • Geotechnical Report                      
  • Traffic Analysis

Book Three Development Agreement (PDF)

  • Preliminary Design and Code Analysis              

Additional Submittals